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Teaching your Child/Student to Read!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Most people are not aware that reading is a process. It is more than just learning sight words. Today's problem, most individuals force the reading level that the child should be on according to his or her grade level instead of finding the child's weakness. Your child/student needs to understand phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency.

Phonemic awareness is when the child can hear and manipulate different sounds in words.

Phonics is when the child recognizes the connection between letters and letters sounds.

Vocabulary is when the child understands the meaning of the word using context clues.

Reading comprehension is when the child understands the text in both storybooks and informational books.

Fluency is when the child can speed read with understanding and accuracy.

Create a checklist to see where your child/student is struggling.

1.Does my child/student know all of their uppercase and lowercase letters?

2.Does my child/student know the sounds of each letter?

3.Does my child know how to blend letter sounds?

4. Does my child know the double consonant and double vowel sounds?

5.Does my child know about the silent e rule?

6.Does my child know about the r-controlled rule?

7. Does my child know their grade level sight words?

8.Does my child know how to use context clues for unknown words.

Once your child/student is aware of these techniques, watch how the magic unfolds. The child will be more confident when he or she is reading, whether it is by self, with a partner, or whole group.

Each child should also read 20 minutes each day. Check out the chart comparison below between Student A, Student B, and Student C.

Below are some blending activities. Just click on each picture to purchase the activity.

****You do not have to be a teacher to order something from Teachers Pay Teachers***

Bossy e


Double Consonant

Double Vowel

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