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Building Sight Words Memorization

Now that your child knows their letter sounds and how to blend, he/she is still going to come across some unfamiliar words that he/she cannot pronounce known as sight words. Sight words are words that have to be memorized. Trying to decode them will be extremely difficult. Your child/student should be able to immediately recognize a sight word within three seconds and read it without trying to decode it. Memorizing sight words will build your child's fluency and accuracy to become a stronger reader.

There are several activities you can use to help your child's memorization.

1. Flash Cards- I have found out over the years that students respond to memorization with color. You can either make the paper/notecard colorful or have the sight word in colorful font or a different color besides black.

2. Word Builders- Students can build the world with magnetic letters or other manipulatives.

3. Digital games

4. Leveled Readers

Below is a digital activity that I have created for Kindergarten sight words. Try out the sample slides before you purchase. Just click on the picture!

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